Earth Leaders Impact Srl (ELI) -  is a Business Development & Cross-Cultural Communication Services Firm focused on accelerating your growth and impact and committed to delivering client-centric strategies and tools for improving performance while enhancing the value of your company.

Our approach of client-driven flexibility works with a broad range of organizations – from startups and emerging growth companies to family-owned businesses and mid-market range companies.

Through our effective business development solutions, we start by helping you assess your current situation. We have a rigorous and defined process for engaging with your employees, to learn more about both the accelerators and decelerators.


We work alongside you and your executives and key managers to identify barriers to growth and help you craft and implement a development strategy that works.



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Founder and CEO,

Business Development Trainer and

Cross-Cultural Communication Expert

"The challenges of business, culture, and human development are my passion. Raised in the northeast of Italy from a very young age, from elementary school to university, I studied business development and communication across cultures.

Having lived in 4 different countries, studied in London, developed business in Spain and the United Arab Emirates, and founded 2 companies - one Italian and one Romanian - I’ve always considered it as being one of my main strengths to bridge between the countries and empower companies to benefit from the full potential of their cultural synergies.

Because of my experience in different markets, and business environments, I know that in every organization there is a bottleneck, a flow that is blocked bringing lack of sales, causing delays in filling orders, lack of workforce, potential loss of customers, and ultimately, damage to your business bottom line, market penetration strategy and global reach potential.

I am an expert in the process of finding and eliminating these bottlenecks, these barriers to growth. Especially, I enjoy exploring different styles of business development and business communication across cultures.

10 years ago, I opened my first company in Italy and worked as a business partner to several well-known, prominent business leaders in a variety of national and multinational industries. In these roles, I built a strong reputation for supporting organizations to successfully grow and maximize their impact.

Today, Earth Leaders Impact Srl (ELI) - is a Business Development & Cross-Cultural Communication Services Firm operating internationally with an office based in Bucharest, Romania."

In addition to our experience, we bring the ELI values to every contract:

  • professionalism: we are committed to doing an expert job and to keep things clear and simple;

  • originality: we know that one size does not fit all and we develop solutions that are unique to individual clients;

  • integrity: we aim to earn and keep the trust of our clients and always deliver what we promise.

Let us assist you with our Business Development and Cross-Cultural Services — the best choice for companies committed to creating a vision of profitable and sustainable growth and impact. Talk with an ELI expert.