Exclusive Expats & Corporate Events Planning

BOUTIQUE EVENTS consultancy to plan beautiful and unique Exclusive Events to reach your target market. We will help you to attract high-level expats and people with a specific business orientation.

We provide a multitude of options ranging from Day-of to Full Service Event Coordination, and everything in between.  Your coordinator will collaborate with you to produce an unforgettable event that will be tailored to you and your vision.  


 Startup Launch - Triplette Rooftop Bucharest 

Your STARTUP LAUNCH EVENT is your introduction to all the investors, journalists, suppliers, clients and other important people in your industry. Making sure you get it right is important!

 Leor's Launch - Parisian Penthouse Ibiza 

PRODUCT LAUNCH campaign should include an event in an effort to get people excited about the product. You want to educate them on what the product is and why it was made — you want to make it clear what problem it solves. An event is a great way to do that!

Event for Venue Support - Margot Terrace Venice 

PRIVATE EVENTS FOR VENUES support the business during seasonal lows. Not only that, but it keeps people employed and supports the local economy. Being able to have year-round events in your venue keeps the doors open and the lights on when your core business is otherwise quiet.

If you’re not already, start hosting events!


Why You Should Target the Expat Market

The expat community is thriving. Record numbers of people have taken the leap of moving to a new country, whether for work, for love or simply to have new life experience – and they all need help. Through our international experience in Bucharest, Venice, London and Ibiza, and a thorough understanding of the expat market, we can help you grow your audience and attract expats directly to your door.

Expats need help finding services

Once they arrive in their new country, expats are on the hunt for accommodations, service providers and new products. They need help finding the right companies and facilities: that can be you.


Expats are an affluent group

Expats typically earn higher salaries than locals in the same country – about $100,000 per year, according to some surveys – making them particularly attractive as a customer base.


Expats are generally high educated

Highly educated consumers, who also typically have higher incomes, are more selective when choosing products or services. Considering that the expat market has shown to be very loyal customers – they’re less likely to abandon a brand – they are a coveted group for your business.


During a complimentary initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to look through our portfolios, learn more about our services and ask any questions you may have. Once we determine what services are needed through this consultation, a proposal will be created and customized especially to your needs. Let’s discuss how we can help.

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