Develop High Performing Local Teams

Whether your multi-cultural teams work in-person or virtually with the Romanian local team, your company’s ability to remain efficient relies on each team's player cross-cultural competence.

The objective of our Cross-Cultural Management training is to provide you the essential knowledge and skills to successfully overcome cross-cultural diversity and develop a trustful high performing local team. The innovative training methodology of the program will allow you to cover:


  1. The concept of culture, diversity and their importance to your company

  2. The issues and challenges of cross-cultural diversity.

  3. The necessary strategies to manage a culturally diverse workforce.

  4. Direct Communication skills


Training Topics: 

  1. Values, attitudes, and lifestyles of the Romanian culture

  2. Cultural bias

  3. Observational skills and human relation techniques

  4. Romania-specific leadership skills

  5. Romania-specific communication style

  6. Smart solutions for cross-cultural challenges

  7. Developing perceptiveness, flexibility, adaptability, and tolerance for ambiguity

Delivery Methods: 

Two businessmen, one in formal clothes,

1 to 1

Ideal for foreign C-level executives working in Romania, professionals relocating for long-term assignments, and families affected by a corporate relocation, one-on-one interaction provides truly personal mentoring to ensure a successful transition and easier cultural immersion process.

Creative business team listening at a br


Perfect for companies, organizations, and other groups that travel to Romania or work virtually, team interaction offers customized lessons and discussions based on the needs of the group. Whether tuning in via webinars or in-person, team programs can be designed to meet the needs of your group.

Key Benefits Include: 

  • The people participate in talking about, spotting, raffinate and co-create the solutions and the plan, and therefore the implication will be bigger also in implementation. 

  • Speed of the work is increasing. 

  • Coverage of all debates is wider, risks are more visible, synergies in crossing over them are more approachable. 

  • Keep your star performers engaged and growing to align with the others. Encourage and include the introverts to better share their ideas.

  • Achieve divisional and company goals.

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