Doing Business in Romania

Culture is a phenomenon that is taken for granted. It is not innate but is simultaneously learned and modified. When people of different cultures meet, one’s own culturally-driven thoughts and actions are quickly put into question and encounters with other cultures become an increasingly exciting challenge.


Cross-cultural differences impact everything from negotiations, operational procedure, internal and external communication, cross-border supply chain and processes, to revenue-driving activities such as international sales and marketing.


Our Cross-Cultural Etiquette consultancy enables you to understand your Romanian counterpart better and to anticipate possible misunderstandings during your negotiation process. Its effective framework will cover the Romanian ways of carrying out:


  1. Business Transactions

  2. Negotiations

  3. Dispute resolutions


Delivery Format:

Two businessmen, one in formal clothes,

1 to 1

Ideal for foreign individual professionals and managers doing business in Romania. One-to-one interaction provides truly personal mentoring to ensure a successful understanding of the cross-cultural business etiquette.

Creative business team listening at a br


The multi-level training of the participants is planned and implemented together with our customers. We assist teams and entire business units. All modules can be variably combined and tailored to the needs and knowledge of the participants.


  1. Negotiating goal: Contract or relationship?

  2. Negotiating attitude: Win-Lose or Win-Win?

  3. Personal style: Informal or formal?

  4. Communication: Direct or indirect?

  5. Sensitivity to time: High or low?

  6. Emotionalism: High or low?

  7. Form of agreement: General or specific?

  8. Building an agreement: Bottom-up or top-down?

  9. Team organization: One leader or group consensus?

  10. Risk-taking: High or low?


Our Intercultural Experts have an enthusiasm for cultural appreciation and understanding. They see themselves as bridges connecting diverse groups. During all our services, they raise the participants’ cultural awareness and thus pave the way for synergies – consequently, teams are more successful and the results more sustainable.


Your organization will achieve:

  • Enhanced decision-making and reduced risk in cross-border projects and activities.   

  • Cutting edge cross-cultural capabilities that would otherwise be unattainable.  

  • The ability to address problems before they become potential deal-breakers or massively costly.

Together with the participants, our team realizes unusual solutions: like meetings with bi-national local business leaders around the country or activities that allow participants to experience the Romanian culture with all their senses.


Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting and evaluate together how we can help you do business in Romania.