S.I.S.T.E.M.A. for Attracting Massive Authority Online

7 Universal Pillars for freelancers and micro-businesses to quickly set up your online presence and start the selling process.
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S.I.S.T.E.M.A. for Attracting Massive Authority Online

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Mar 03, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+2

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If you're anything like the people I work with, you're good at what you do. Really good. 

But perhaps, like many other experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs that I talk to every single day... marketing, technology, and the internet kind of overwhelms you. So you end up not taking action... or taking the wrong action... and your life's work helps just a tiny fraction of that it could. 

We know from experience that's nothing more frustrating than being anonymous, feeling unknown, unrewarded, and uncompensated.

You've spent years building up all your expertise and honing your craft AND you have services that can really help a lot of people. If ONLY you could work out how to get out there in a bigger way. 

Unfortunately, most training out there only gives you a SINGLE piece of the big puzzle - whether that be LinkedIn, blogging, article marketing, or what-have-you - but what they lack is a big picture for you and your business, so you wind up wasting precious time, effort and focus, jumping from idea to idea with no overall goal or comprehensive strategy to guide you. 

The solution is to take the 7 most important parts of your business. Your Message, your Brand, your Website, your Content and Sales Funnel, your Marketing, your Partnerships, and your Impact - and finally tie them together into a comprehensive system that focuses you on the only things you need to do on a daily basis that will make you become a massive authority online. 

This webinar is designed to guide you through the complex world of building your online platform by pinpointing the precise strategies and activities in each of the 7 Universal Pillars to quickly set up your online presence and start the selling process that will really move the needle in your business. 

Trainer: Ramona Tufaru is a business developer by nature with 11+ years of experience as an entrepreneur (both offline and online). Ramona specialized in helping successful businesses with an approximate €300k/year revenue level to grow to €1 mln/year within two or three years.

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