Inspire Extraordinary Performance

We live in a world where there is constant focus and expectation around performance. Either you need to maintain results at the same level or more likely, you need to improve results from where they currently are.


Our Impact Leadership development program will provide you a powerful mechanism that enables you to perform at consistently optimum level, whether the underlying objectives are hard or soft deliverables. It will help you focus on what really counts – making a massive impact. Its transformative methodology represents what you will need in place to:


  1. Enhancing soft skills

  2. Managing performance

  3. Developing organizational culture

Development Areas:

  1. Executive Presence

  2. Emotional Intelligence

  3. Dynamic Communication

  4. Influencing and Engaging Others

  5. Problem Solving

  6. Productivity and Decision Making

  7. High Energy Relationship

  8. Health and Wellness

  9. Time Management and Balance

  10. Cross-Cultural Management

Delivery Methods:

Two businessmen, one in formal clothes,

1 to 1

Ideal for First-Time Leader appointments to support the new leader to perform effectively in their new role. The structure of the development program it's face to face, but can also be managed via web-based conferencing and the phone and will incorporate skills development as well as coaching. 

Why is it important? 

Leading a team for the first time can be daunting! Often times, a newly appointed leader don't receive additional skills development as it's often assumed that they'll pick up the skills as they go along. 

Our development program allows the leaders to get clear on what new skills they need to learn and to then establish a development plan that is structured to take into account both the leadership and managerial skills they will need to develop, in order to be successful in the role. 

Creative business team listening at a br


Perfect for Promoted Leaders, existing leaders that have been identified as having the potential to grow to the next level, but to achieve this they need a combination of skills development. To support the leader to transition into their new role. 

Should be performed where: 

  • the leader is promoted and will be managing people who used to be their peers 

  • the promotion results in managing multi-site teams/individuals in different sites

  • the promotion results in the leader managing teams or individuals based in different countries

Why is it important? 

Promotion usually requires a leader to adapt their skills to their new role.  

Implementing our leadership development program will enable much greater awareness and conscious management of what is needed to maximize both the likelihood of success and also the speed at which a new leader is able to inspire extraordinary performance. 

Are you looking to offer engaging training programs to your newly appointed or promoted leaders? Let’s discuss how we can help.