Entering Romania

Romania is one of the most dynamic economies in Europe and a gateway to both the EU and Eastern European markets. Entering the Romanian market is a big decision! Once you’ve decided to embark on the journey, expanding in the new market can be a significant undertaking, and like any undertaking, it requires know-how.

Our effective Market Entry consultancy helps you to export, invest, relocate your operations, outsource, manufacture or distribute in Romania, and covers:


  • Market analysis

  • Business opportunities assessment

  • Strategy development

  • Product introduction and sales support

  • Identification, selection, and profiling of

    1. suppliers

    2. importers / distributors

    3. potential clients

    4. competitors

  • Identification, selection, profiling of M&A / investment targets

  • Business negotiations

  • M&A, support, and pursuit to deal closure

  • Identification of market opportunities: sourcing, sales, etc.

  • Identification of market barriers

  • Cross-cultural management

  • Follow up services

  • Company setting-up, legal formalities, business relocation

  • Recruiting, office hiring

Also, through our Italian office and our network, we can help you to find business opportunities, build your sales channels and establish your operations in Italy too. 

Entering Italy

Our Entering Italy Market Entry services allows you to successfully navigate the complex structure of the Italian market identifying opportunities and to support you in any challenges during the internationalization path.

Delivery Method:

Our clients are dynamic, so our delivery methods must be too. At ELI, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business expansion, and so we offer a range of delivery methods for our consultancy. ​

To discuss which options are best for you or your organization, contact us today to schedule a personal meeting and evaluate together how we can help you in achieving your business expansion.