Enter the Buyer's Mind

Consumers are more informed than ever, and more overwhelmed by options. Though it's harder to stand out from the competition, understanding the buyer's mind and creating a strong sales process, you can drive results and sell on value (not price). Salespeople equipped with the specific acumen of the mind and a sales process earn, on average, 48% more than those without. 

Our Sales Acceleration training provides you with the most updated sales methodologies which can be adjusted to your specific product and will boost your sales rate! Our unique training process will cover the entire sales flows:

  1. Sales Performance

  2. Methodology of sales

  3. Specific methodology adjustments to the required segment of sales (product or service)


Training Topics:
  1. Sales Communication

  2. Prospecting for New Business

  3. Handling Objections, Negotiating and Closing Business

  4. Preparing and Delivering Sales Presentations

  5. Incorporating “trust tactics”

  6. Time and Territory Management

  7. Writing and Delivering Sales Proposals

  8. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

  9. Positioning Value with a Persuasive Presence

  10. Motivators and Demotivators Influencing Buying Decisions

Delivery Methods: 

Two businessmen, one in formal clothes,

1 to 1

Ideal for you and your sales reps essentially when you’re responsible for each step of the sales process on your own. 

Creative business team listening at a br


Perfect for your lead generation team, sales development representatives, account executives, and customer success team.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Define business goals, outline a plan and ensure ongoing commitment

  • Motivate and empower your sales team to become ‘Top Performers’

  • Help your team adapt to the ever-changing B2B landscape

  • Retain talent in your team and reduce employee turnover

  • Ensure sales time is spent proactively and effectively

Delivery Formats:

Onsite Instructor-Led Workshops

ELI has a team locally that is prepared to lead classes and workshops wherever you may need them. Whether you’re looking for a single class to cover a specific sales flow or an ongoing curriculum to improve all aspects of your sales performance, ELI has options to suit your needs. 

Virtual Programs

Organizations with a sales team often need training programs that can span multiple segments of sales. Designed to leverage your preferred digital communication method, virtual programs can be administered as webinars, teleconferences, or videos. 

Are you looking to offer engaging training programs to your sales top performers and teams, regardless of their location? Let’s discuss how we can help.